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© Melissa Pedersen 2017            Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Lively Leaf Collection

Using upcycled bicycle inner tube, motorcycle inner tube, reclaimed leather, stainless steel and real freshwater pearls I created the Lively Leaf collection.  My designs are influenced by the tension between the natural and man made. The black rubber and cool stainless steel reference industrial design and leather has a rebellious feel. I love how they contrast and balance with the soft and delicate white freshwater pearls. 


This collection has been a fun challenge for me as it is quite the departure from my regular silversmithing type of work. Now as a stay at home mom to my three boys (ages 5 and under) I needed a medium I could work with at home, even at the kitchen table with my little guys. 


This gallery consists of some of my favorite pieces and most have been sold already. To see what I have available in this collection at the moment please check out my Etsy Shop!