Inspired by a Dahlia flower, this pendant is created out of solid sterling silver in my Calgary, Alberta studio.

My garden is my biggest source of inspiration. I am drawn into the details and symbolism that is literally blooming all around me.

Dahlia flowers are full of hidden meaning. The Victorian era embraced this secret langue of flowers, the symbolism today is just as powerful if we embrace it.

When a big life change comes our way the Dahlia represents strength and the ability to remain graceful under pressure. It reminds us to embrace kindness in every situation and challenges with positivity.

This pendant would make lovely gift of encouragement for someone facing a big life change or challenge like graduating from high school or university, starting a new job, becoming a mother or moving onto a new stage in life.

I love the fact that jewellery is lasting, it doesn’t fade like a flower and becomes a tiny little treasure box full of memories!

This pendant is created using sterling silver metal clay. Metal clay is made up of tiny sterling silver metal particles mixed with and organic clay like binder. It can be sculpted, molded and formed however I want. For this design I have a little mold that I press the clay into. After the flower dries 100% into my kiln it goes for a two part firing process. The clay reaches 1500 degrees Fahrenheit for about an hour and the organic binder burns completely away leaving a solid sterling silver mini sculpture in its place.

I finish the pendant with traditional metalsmithing techniques and add a loop for the chain. You have your choice of 16” or 18” sterling silver bead and link chain or snake chain when checking out.

Dahlia Pendant

  • Each peice of my jewellery is carefully hand packed by me personally before I ship it out. I use thin cardboard jewellery boxes for most of my work and make them pretty enough for gift giving. I always include artist information.

    - Melissa Pedersen