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Inspired by a seed pod bursting open, these earrings coordinate with other pieces from my silver seed collection.


Cast from solid sterling silver they are created with two parts; the drop pod dangle and the circle of seeds that are a stud earrings. Included are large sterling silver butterfly ear backings to keep your earrings in place.



Drop Pod Stud Earrings

  • ♢ Solid sterling silver


    ♢ To create this design I first made two masters out of Argentium silver, forming the drop shape and circle frames with little balls of silver to be the "seeds." The two components were finished to perfection and rubber molded. Creating a wax from the mold and casting the design into solid sterling silver I can make matching earrings or pendant for you (and a friend.) I have a whole collection of silver seed work (which includes cast and one of a kinds.)


    ♢ The process of creating is slow and intentional, I use traditional metalsmithing tools and processes alongside modern ones to create all my pieces by hand. My heart goes into every single piece I design.