Tiny real white freshwater pearls are safely nestled inside silver cups to create these one of a kind studs. The cups shapes are made by pouring molten recycled sterling silver into water. As the liquid silver hits the surface of the water it freezes into little splash shapes. The size, shape and subtle earthy texture of each cup shape is different, completely unique. 


These earrings are one of a kind, no two water cast cups are alike. The earrings photographed are the exact earrings you will receive and they are ready to ship out right away. 



Mini Water Cast Studs with Pearls // One of a Kind

  • ♢ Solid sterling silver (100% recycled)

    ♢ White freshwater pearls

    ♢ To start I gather all my sterling silver I plan on using and melt it down to over 1700 degree Fahrenheit. When the silver is nice and liquid I carefully pour it into water. As the molten metal hits the surface it sizzles and freezes in place, capturing the moment when the silver is transformed. I love this because each cup is totally unique, outside of my control and I don’t know what kind of shape will emerge!

    ♢ After soldering on the solid sterling silver earring post, I chose to patina the inside of the cups, using the natural beauty of silver to my advantage. The darker inside makes the white pearls really stand out. The outside is polished bright and shiny.

    ♢ Attaching the pearl is the very last step in creating these earrings. The pearl is half drilled and is securely attached to a sterling silver post that is soldered on inside the cup. I love how the silver forms a protective nest around the pearl.

    ♢ The butterfly style earring backs are a step up in quality, a slightly thicker gauge than normal. Since studs are my go-to earrings I have found from experience that a nicer ear backing was needed to hold up in regular use and keep your earrings on!