Like looking through a window into a garden bursting into bloom, this pendant captures the imagination. Inside an arch frame (which was inspired by old byzantine church windows) I formed a flower with two blooms. The stem is full of buds almost ready to burst into life themselves. The flowers are the focus, but I decided to include a pretty faceted peridot to remind me of the freshness of new life. Created out of solid silver this statement pendant is one of a kind, like a little piece of wearable art work.


Included with this chain is a nice and thick wheat chain, also applied with a dark patina, in 18 inches.




Peridot Bloom Window Pendant // One of a Kind

SKU: SGC - P03
  • ♢ Solid Sterling (.925) and Argentium (.925) silver


    ♢ I designed the overhanging tree branch and little budding flowers (the polished elements at the top and bottom of the pendant) by fusing together Argentium silver. I love to use Argentium silver, Argentium silver is a cleaner type of silver – both for me and the environment. It has a slightly higher fine silver content then traditional silver (93.5% compared to sterling’s 92.5%.) Made from recycled traditional silver it is a great choice both ethically and environmentally. Alloyed with hypo allergenic germanium it fuses beautifully and is fun to work with! Argentium silver allows me to work safer in the studio while keeping the enviroment in mind.


    ♢ The gemstone is a light green 3 mm faceted peridot


    ♢ I have applied a dark patina to the silver background of the pendant which will only get darker with time. The high points are polished to a bright shine, creating a beautiful contrast... This contrast is what sterling silver is famous for!


    ♢ The back holds a little soldered plate of my signature stamp and a little leaf detail