Do you love succulents as much as I do? This one of a kind pendant is handmade from solid sterling silver and is inspired by my own personal plant collection. This pretty pendant reminds me of the unique process of succulent propagation, which is easily recognized by the baby sprouting from the big mother leaf. It's such a neat thing to watch I wanted to treasure it in silver!



Succulent Propagation Pendant // One of a Kind

  • ♢ Solid sterling silver


    ♢ The succulent was created in metal clay, which is made up of tiny, recycled sterling silver metal particles mixed with and organic clay like binder. It can be sculpted, molded, and formed however I want. For this design I have a little mold that I hand press the clay into. After the designs dries 100% into my kiln it goes for a two-part firing process. The clay reaches 1500℉ for about an hour and the organic binder burns completely away leaving a solid sterling silver mini sculpture in its place. 


    ♢ The petal, backing and hidden bail are all created in wax first and then cast in solid sterling silver. This is an original one of a kind and I did not mold it. The hidden necklace bail is a loop seamlessly blending into the granulation


    ♢ The pendant has a lovely dark patina in the recessed areas and I have polished the high points to bring out all the gorgeous details. This contrast is what sterling silver is famous for!