Handmade using solid sterling silver this one of a kind pendant is like a bouquet of pretty wildflowers. The wildflower represents the ability to flourish and grow in all conditions, blooming and bringing beauty to the world even when no one is watching.


This pendant is one of a kind and has a lovely weight and dimension, as each flower is solid silver. The dark patina in the recessed areas and the polished bright white of the raised petals really show off all the little details.



Triple Wildflower Pendant // One of a Kind

  • ♢ Solid sterling silver (100% recycled)

    ♢ The flowers were created in sterling silver metal clay, which is made up of tiny, recycled sterling silver metal particles mixed with and organic clay like binder. It can be sculpted, molded, and formed however I want. For this design I have hand pressed it into three little flower molds. After the designs dry 100% into my kiln they go for a two-part firing process. The clay reaches 1500℉ for about an hour and the organic binder burns completely away leaving tiny solid sterling silver mini sculptures in its place.

    ♢ After soldering on the flowers and leaves to a silver sheet I cut the outside to fit the shapes and solder on a bail. On the back I have soldered on my MP signature stamp. I apply a dark patina to the recessed areas of the pendant, and polish the high points to a bright shine, creating a beautiful contrast. This contrast is what sterling silver is famous for!