Inspired by a walk through the forest, this woodland necklace is one of a kind. I live only a short drive away from the Rocky Mountains in Alberta and enjoy going on hikes through the woods. I am drawn into all the little details; like little mushrooms growing, wildflowers, moss, branches and leaves which have all influenced my design choices for this pendant. It reminds me all things green and growing.


This pendant is one of a kind, handmade in solid sterling silver. The chain is permanently attached to the pendant and is adjustable between 17” and 19.”




Woodland Necklace // One of a Kind

  • ♢ Solid sterling silver pendant and chain

    ♢ I used a variety of techniques to create this whimsical pendant such as lost wax casting (the centerpiece) fusing (argentium silver for the budding branches,) and soldering.

    ♢The back of the pendant is smooth silver and is soldered to the chain. The chain is adjustable and has my tiny little MP trademarked signature stamp.

    ♢ I apply a dark patina to the recessed areas and polish up the raised surface to create a beautiful contrast between light and dark. The little details really pop. This contrast is what sterling silver is famous for!