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Why my studio time is on hold

May 27, 2015

Being a mother of three little guys is not always easy, but it is so worth it. I love my little family to pieces, and I love being able to stay home with them. I feel like I have been blessed with the gift of watching these three munchkins grow up every day. But motherhood did not come as naturally to me as it did to others. It took me a while to wrap my head around switching from full time metalsmith to full time mommy.


When I was a young girl I had no interest in babies, and to tell you the truth, I am still not crazy about other people's kids. When dreaming about my future children I pictured them as 5 years old playing hide and seek or doing crafts quietly together... while I worked away in my home studio. Ha, ya right! I sorta just skipped over the whole baby step in my mind. The first time I held a newborn baby was when my oldest son was placed into my arms. As first time parents we were totally clueless and over anxious about everything. I tried to keep my jewellery studio running but I quickly learned that I can't do everything. This whole mommy thing wasn't as easy as it looked, I needed to let go of something.



Flash forward three and a half years, we are still surrounded by total chaos, and by God’s grace I have grown in my homemaking and mothering skills. My time in the silversmithing studio is pretty rare, but I have three beautiful boys to spend my time with instead. I am crazy about each of my sons and am soaking in the time with our newest little addition. We have some kind of rhythm going though we are notoriously late everywhere we go as a family. I know I will probably never become a “super mom,” the kind that bakes cookies every day, plans elaborately decorated birthday parties and looks forward to homeschooling. I have yet to take all three boys out on my own anywhere without my hubby's help (even to the park across the street) I am just fine with that, I love being at home, I never get bored and find it easy to stay self-motivated, which is kinda perfect for an art jeweller/stay at home mom.


I am extremely grateful I don’t have to work, however I am itching to get back into the silversmithing studio for a good chunk of time. It has been almost four years since I stopped making jewellery full time, and will most likely be another four or five years until I am able to pick it up again with regular hours. Having my jewellery to dream about gives my mind a much needed break from "twinkle twinkle little star" and "ABC's"! In the meantime I enjoy the occasional hour or two in the studio and I have embraced the new challenge of designing around time restrictions. I have sketchbooks full of pendants and earrings just waiting to be created and materials waiting ready to go. I have found other ways to make jewellery through upcycled materials and pearls (though my heart still longs for silver.)


I realize that the studio will be there from me when I am able to get back to it. My family will always come before work now, I hope that never changes.  To be home with my kids every day while they are young is a wonderful privilege… but so is public education! Ha ha, we will never be a homeschooling family, is it so wrong that I am already looking forward sending them all out the door with packed lunches?

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