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© Melissa Pedersen 2017            Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Working in a variety of materials, Melissa especially likes exploring her ideas through silver, gold, gemstones, pearl, upcycled bicycle inner tube and reclaimed leather. Her handmade jewellery includes one of a kind wearable art pieces, limited production jewellery and special commission works.

She currently has two different collections; Lively Leaf Designs and Melissa Pedersen Jewellery. Both collections are sold in different galleries and each collection is represented separately on Etsy, Instagram and Facebook. 

The Artist

Melissa Pedersen is a Canadian jewellery artist from Calgary Alberta. The anticipation of spring after the long winters in her home town, has motivated her to annually fill her sketchbooks with designs about growth and the celebration of life. One of the most important influences on her work is the garden. Melissa’s garden provides her with a continual source of inspiration.
"In my own backyard I find my inspiration, especially in the spring after the long winter, when my garden comes alive. The  little pale green shoots seem to have a pure innocence, unaware of the optimism they create. In a short time the empty earth is celebrating, full of lush life, vibrant petals and bursting blooms The sprout, budding leaf, and seed pod are symbols I use deliberately in my jewellery. These elements of new life represent for me perseverance, potential and hope. By capturing different elements of nature and using them in my handmade jewellery I am able to preserve and treasure the moment!"

The Business

Melissa started her handmade jewellery business after graduating from the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) in 2009. She has won numerous awards and her artwork has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Currently Melissa is enjoying time at home with her three young children, gardening in the summer months and occasionally sneaking away to her home studio during nap time.