The perfect combination between edgy and elegant, these freshwater pearl earrings are sure to make a statement. Handmade using 100% recycled sterling silver and white pearls these earrings are one of a kind. The cup shaped stud is water cast, a process which creates these unique natural splash shapes that compliment the pearls perfectly.






♢ Solid sterling (100% recycled,) freshwater pearls (both half drilled round and fully drilled baroque styles)


♢ To create the silver cups shape for the stud, I gather all my sterling silver I plan on using and melt it down to over 1700 ℉. When the silver is nice and liquid I carefully pour it into water. As the molten metal hits the surface it sizzles and freezes in place, capturing the moment when the silver is transformed. I love this because each cup is totally unique, outside of my control and I don’t know what kind of shape will emerge!


♢ I have naturally darkened the inside of the silver cups with a patina to create a gorgeous contrast between light and dark. The top surface is polished to a bright shine, this contrast is what sterling silver is famous for.


♢ The butterfly style earring backs are a step up in quality, a slightly thicker gauge than normal. Since studs are my go to earrings I have found from experience that a nicer ear backing was needed to hold up in regular use and keep your earrings on.






♢ The process of water casting for my "rain drop" collection is a very meaningful experience for me. As I create these water cast pieces they speak to my soul and I see God showing me something new through the literal process of refining. As I melt down the old to create something new I am reminded of a refreshing spring rain, bringing with it growth and new life.


♢ The silver cup reminds me of a single water droplet as it falls onto the surface of a like. I like to think of these water cast cups like a single raindrop frozen in time.


♢ If your interested in learning more about my inspiration behind my entire water cast "rain drop" collection I have written a blog post about it here. 

Baroque Pearl Water Cast Studs

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