Forget Me Not flowers have the most delicate little blooms yet they hold a secret, deeper meaning. These pretty blue flowers have been used to symbolize true and faithful love, long-lasting connection, remembrance and memory. If you choose to wear this tiny flower yourself, or give them away as a gift, they are a really thoughtful and subtle way to cherish the memory of someone special.


This little Forget Me Not flower pendant is handmade in solid sterling silver. The flower is my own design, carved and sculpted by hand. It is the perfect little everyday size.


Forget Me Not Pendant


  • ♢ Solid sterling silver (100% recycled silver)


    ♢ The delicate flower in bloom is created using sterling silver metal clay, which is made up of tiny recycled sterling silver metal particles mixed with and organic clay like binder. It can be sculpted, molded, and formed however I want. To create my Forget Me Not flower I hand sculpted each petal, carving in and adding details. After the design dries 100% into my kiln it goes for a two-part firing process. The clay reaches 1500℉ for about an hour and the organic binder burns completely away leaving tiny sterling silver sculpture. I used my original handmade flower to create a little mold, which I then hand press more clay into to create multiples (check out the matching earrings!)


    ♢ To bring out all those gorgeous little details I applied a dark patina to the recessed areas. The contrast between the bright shiny silver and the dark details is what sterling silver is famous for!