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I am fascinated with symbolism and the mighty oak has been drenched in it throughout history. Strength, endurance and wisdom are all associated these beautiful trees. Handmade out of solid sterling silver this oak leaf pendant is a little reminder of that beautiful strength, endurance and wisdom.


I create each little leaf using sterling silver precious metal clay. The silver clay is soft and pliable, I am able to mold and form it before it dries. When dry I can carve more details and sand it smooth. It goes into my kiln for a two part firing cycle which reaches 1500℉ and the organic binder is burned away. I am left with my detailed solid sterling silver design.


Just as each leaf on the oak tree is the same and yet uniquely its own, your pendant will be the similar but unique and one of a kind. I use a mold to create the general shape, but the details are hand carved.


This pendant has a matt finish with a dark patina to highlight all the little lines. This pendant looks amazing layered! Pictured is the bar style chain but you can choose a diffrent one whenyou check out.


Oak Leaf Pendant

SKU: MB.P.02
  • Each peice of my jewellery is carefully hand packed by me personally before I ship it out. I use thin cardboard jewellery boxes for most of my work and make them pretty enough for gift giving. I always include artist information.

    - Melissa Pedersen

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