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I love looking at all the little details found in nature, and I love collecting tiny treasures on my nature walks. The backyard garden is also one of my favorite places to be. This pendant was inspired by all the amazing things I see when I look around me, so I created a lasting tribute in solid sterling silver. I like to think of it as a little bouquet of flowers that will never fade. 

Wildflower Leaf & Bloom Pendant // One of a Kind

SKU: WF.P.03
  • ♢ Solid sterling silver (100% recycled)


    ♢ The delicate rose and leaf are one of a kind created using sterling silver metal clay, which is made up of tiny recycled sterling silver metal particles mixed with and organic clay like binder. It can be sculpted, molded, and formed however I want. For this design I have hand sculpted each petal to form the opening bloom and hand formed the leaf, carving in little details. The little daisy flower is also created in metal clay using a mold that I press the clay into. After the design dries 100% into my kiln it goes for a two-part firing process. The clay reaches 1500℉ for about an hour and the organic binder burns completely away leaving tiny sterling silver sculpture.


    ♢ Each piece is thoughtfully placed and soldered onto a backplate, which is polished smooth on the back.


    ♢ I apply a dark patina to the recessed areas and the whole pendant goes into my tumbler with steel shot to harden and polish the surface. The high points are polished to a bright shine, creating a beautiful contrast. This contrast is what sterling silver is famous for!



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