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Created out of 100% recycled sterling silver these mini raindrop rings remind me of a tiny splash frozen in time. Each little cup shape is formed by water and gravity and each one is unique, with a pretty organic feel and subtle texture.


The ring looks pretty and dainty on it's own, or wear it with other rings to create a unique stack. This listing is for one ring only.




Mini water cast stacking rings // One of a Kind

  • ♢ Solid sterling silver (100% recycled)

    ♢ The cup shape is water cast, and the process creates a unique natural form, full of texture and perfect in its imperfectness.

    ♢ To start, I gather all my sterling silver I plan on using and melt it down to over 1700 ℉. When the silver is nice and liquid I carefully pour it into water. As the molten metal hits the surface it sizzles and freezes in place, capturing the moment when the silver is transformed. I love this because each cup is totally unique, outside of my control and I don’t know what kind of shape will emerge!

    ♢ The cup is then soldered onto a ring band. The band is very minimal - with a pretty line texture.

    ♢ The last step is to add a dark patina to the inside of the cup shape and polish the ring until the surface shines. This contrast between dark and light is what sterling silver is famous for!

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