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Inspired by memories of gardening with my mother, this ring features a cluster of tiny sterling silver seeds.


At the end of every summer I would help my mom collect the seeds from the dried out poppy flower pods. I was always amazed at how small the seeds were. To me this ring is like a tribute to my childhood and to my mother and her beautiful garden. When I moved into my own home my Mom gave me some seeds to start my own garden! These seeds where passed down from her mom to her, and now to me.

I created this ring first out of wax and I melted hundreds of tiny little balls of wax to create the look of seeds. It is then cast into solid sterling silver.

I have designed the band to be a comfort fit (which means I have slightly domed the metal on the inside of the band) and as a result the ring will feel looser than your regular ring size. I recommend that you order a ring 1/4 size smaller than what you would regularly wear.

The unique square bottom is another special feature of this ring. Because the ring is made of solid sterling silver it has a nice weight to it and the flat bottom helps balance it when worn, preventing it from spinning.

You have your choice between a dark patina or white silver. Please note if you leave the ring and do not do anything to it over time it will develop a natural dark patina, the raised spots will remain bright. I actually love this about sterling silver, over time all the little details really begin to “pop.” If you do choose the bright silver option you can keep it white with regular silver cleaning.


Seed Ring - Custom made in your size

SKU: SS.R.01
  • To find out what size your finger is go to a retail jeweller near you (if you located near me in Calgary AB we can always meet up instead!) and ask to be sized, most places have both a wide and a thin ring sizer. Ask to use the thinner ring sizer, and size the hand as well as the finger you want to wear your ring on. This ring fits similar to how a thin delicate band would fit your finger because of the way I've created a nice rounded inside of the ring shank. 

    I reccomend ordering a size 1/4 smaller then what you normally wear if sized with a regular sized ring sizing band.