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Inspired by a seedpod bursting open, this teardrop pendant is handmade from solid .925 sterling silver in my studio located in Calgary, Alberta Canada.



Medium Drop Pod Pendant

SKU: SS.P.10
  • ♢ Solid sterling silver

    ♢ To create this pendant I constructed a master from solid argentium silver, forming each circle from silver wire by hand and melting the silver into little balls. When the master was perfect I had a mold made and cast it into solid sterling silver. This is a limited edition collection as I personally hand finish each pendant by sanding and polishing the surface until it shines. 

    ♢ I have also applied a dark patina to the recessed areas to create a beautiful contrast. The contrast between the shiny bright white polished surface and the dark harder to reach area is what sterling silver is famous for!

    ♢ The process of creating is slow and intentional, I use traditional metalsmithing tools and processes alongside modern ones to create all my pieces by hand. My heart goes into every single piece I design.

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