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Handmade out of solid .935 Argentium sterling silver, this pendant is one of a kind. Inspired by my garden, the pendant combines both leaf and pod forms to create an elegant streamlined geometric pendant that is both elegant and modern. Th pendant features a unique hidden loop on the back for the chain so the focus is 100% on the elegant design.




Three Seed Open Pod Pendant // One of a Kind

  • ♢ Solid Argentium sterling silver

    ♢ Argentium silver is a cleaner type of silver – both for me and the environment. It has a slightly higher fine silver content then traditional silver (93.5% compared to sterling’s 92.5%.) Made from recycled traditional silver it is a great choice both ethically and environmentally. Alloyed with hypo allergenic germanium it fuses beautifully and is fun to work with! Argentium silver allows me to work safer in the studio, by eliminating toxic flux and pickle fumes. I love working with Argentium silver and I am excited to present to you a silver that is cleaner and of a higher quality then traditional sterling silver.

    ♢ The pendant is constructed, from solid silver wire, the shapes are hand formed and fused in place.

    ♢ The process of creating is slow and intentional, I use traditional metalsmithing tools and processes alongside modern ones to create all my pieces by hand. My heart goes into every single piece I design.

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